A specialised deep healthtech venture capital fund based in New Zealand


G r e e k [ ε λ λ η ν ι κ ά ) ]

Friend, supporter, sponsor, champion

A person who supports a cause by giving financial or other help

Our Purpose

As New Zealand’s first specialised deep healthtech venture capital fund, our purpose is to grow the New Zealand healthtech sector by:

  • Investing in the growth and acceleration of innovative and globally competitive healthtech companies in New Zealand; and

  • Achieving good returns, societal benefits and global health impact for investors from New Zealand’s world class innovative ideas, technologies and scientific discoveries in healthcare.

CaraMed Capital was founded by successful entrepreneurs from the healthcare sector to help New Zealand entrepreneurs develop great healthtech businesses.

CaraMed aims to provide access to the capital and resources that New Zealand’s healthtech ventures need to thrive, while also aiming to achieve great returns for investors.

Why a specialised deep healthtech venture fund in New Zealand and why now?

CaraMed Capital’s Strengths

Highly Specialised and Experienced Team

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Deal Flow and Pipeline

Investment Strategy specific to healthtech investment


CaraMed’s specialised healthcare investment focus means that the nature of CaraMed’s team is unique for a venture capital firm as a majority of the partners and team are technically qualified (i.e. scientific or clinically trained).

Our diverse team includes founders, members of founding teams of healthcare start-ups, directors and executives of healthcare corporates and start-up companies, a clinician and management in hospitals/health system.

The specialised healthcare expertise in our team spans the fields of gene therapy, molecular medicine, neuroscience, pharmacology, diagnostics, biochemistry, digital health, medical devices, biotechnology, surgery and the clinical practice of medicine.

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